Cork - Good choice for building materials


Material selection positioning: Cork

Sustainable and environmentally friendly materials

Cork is processed from the bark of the cork oak tree, an amazing sustainable natural biological resource that is not afraid of peeling. Cork is harvested and produced in an environmentally friendly and sustainable manner, no trees are felled in the process, and it can be recycled. It is an important factor for sustainable development to promote the ecological balance of nature.

Protect biodiversity

The cork forest in the Mediterranean Sea is a precious gem in terms of renewable natural resources, one of the richest ecosystems in the world, and a treasure gifted to mankind by nature. Its excellent environmental protection functions include protecting soil, regulating water cycle, Diversity provides an irreplaceable natural environment.

Carbon neutralization and carbon peaking

Forests absorb carbon dioxide through the photosynthesis of trees, which is converted into organic tissue. Carbon is absorbed and stored in tree trunks, branches, roots and soil. Unique among forests, cork oak promotes carbon storage over long periods of time due to its long life and stripped bark that reabsorbs carbon dioxide.

Cork: a "luxury" of limited gift from nature.

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