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Cork Pads with Cling Foam

“Raybone” is a large-scale Cork pads manufacturer and supplier located in China Middle. We have about 20 years’ experience on exporting Cork Pads with cling foam. As one of our main products, Cork Pads with cling foam, has competitive price and good service by many channels all over the world. High quality Cork Pads with cling foam is offered by China manufacturer “Raybone”. Buy Cork Pads with cling foam which is of high quality directly with low price.

“Raybone” China Quality Cork Pads with cling foam is professional packing materials for glass factory. Glass, windows, doors and mirrors are fragile. “Raybone” Cork Pads with cling foam are easy to be removed cleanly, yet adhered securely to architectural glass, auto glass, furniture glass, stone, windows & doors, during transporting, packing, storage and installation. Setting between the glass, the cork pads can absorb vibration, maintain position and prevent breakage.

Standard thickness: 3mm;Other normal thickness: 1.5mm、2mm、4mm、5mm 
Size: 25x25mm; Above can be customized as per your requests 

Installation Instructions of Cork Pads with cling foam:
Please place the cork pads on the edge of the glass, one pad per 30cm or 40cm, and totally 8 pads on
the area of 1 square meter; more pads must be put on the middle of glass for the area more than 1 square meter and the actual quantity should be subject to the reality.

Principle: the smaller the glass area is, the less the pads need.
For the same area glass, the more the cork pads are used, the better the protection effect is.
Please use the approximate cord pads quantity according to the real situation.
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Cork Pads with Cling Foam for Glass

Cork Pads with Cling Foam for Glass

Since 2003, “Raybone” have produced and exported Cork Pads with cling foam for glass about 20 years., as a large-scale Cork products manufacturer and supplier in China. Cork Pads with cling foam for glass is one of “Raybone” cork products. It has competitive price advantage and cover most of the European and American markets in glass industry. “Raybone” is a professional leader China Cork roll,Cork sheet,Cork pads manufacturer with high quality and reasonable price. Welcome to contact us.

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Welcome to wholesale Cork Pads with Cling Foam from our factory, Raybone as one of the Cork Pads with Cling Foam manufacturers and suppliers in China, we can provide customers with customized and free sample products.Our products are in stock, and we also supply bulk. If you want to know more, please contact us.